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9h nano ceramic coating
nano coating applicator
9h nano ceramic coating
nano coating applicator

NanoGlare 9H Ceramic Coating

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Tired of washing your car or spending your hard earned money on car washes? Worried about scratches, rusting and want to protect that showroom shine?

You can do all that and more with this NanoGlare 9H Nano Coating. Now you can protect your car with the power of nanotechnology and never have to worry about washing your car with soap and water!


1x 30ml (for one car) NanoGlare Ceramic coating liquid;
1x applicator;
1x dust free cloth;
1x microfiber towel.


9h ceramic coating

What is it?

Nano glare is a highly durable protective coating that protects your paintwork from damaging contaminants.

9H hardness

Nano Glare ceramic protective coating is approved by the international 9H hardness certificate. The molecular structure of the preparation allows you to have the thick, glossy protective coat on your car’s body.


Nano Glare guarantee: Scratch Resistance (Above 9H),Super Hydrophobic Effect,Weather & UV Resistance,Thermal Resistance (up to 1200°C), Advanced Chemical Resistance, Oxidation & Corrosion Resistant,High Gloss Finish.

Long lasting

Longevity 1-30 years.
Nano Glare protection are permanent and only removable by targeted treatment, available only in professional.

How It Works?

Formulated in USA by award-winning US Scientists, this 9H Nano Coating forms an invisible SiO2 layer on the surface of your vehicle that is hydrophobic and protects your vehicle from mud, dirt, water, scratches and much more!

Designed to have the highest durability, this ceramic coating protects your vehicle with 9H hardness level by forming a transparent hydrophobic protective layer on your vehicle. This coating also reduces the air drag of your vehicle, thus improving the fuel efficiency significantly.

Nano glare product offers you the protection coating with a molecular ceramic 3D structure. We guarantee: it has one of the best quality currently available on a market. Our product have a 9H hardness certificate. It is an attest which certifies the highest ceramic protection coverings endurance. As a result of connection of molecules preparation on a paint surface in tight web, it crystallizes and creates a resistant and durable protection layer. This coating is specially formulated and can be used as a base coat, top gloss coat or for yearly renewal.

Instructions how to apply:

1. Wrap the dust free cloth over sponge applicator;
nano coating applicator
2. Put NanoGlare coat liquid on the dust free cloth;
3. Take one spot (for example 12″*12″ (30cm*30cm)) of the car and spread NanoGlare applicator with dust free cloth and NanoGlare liquid on it, vertical movements then horizontal movements and continue this for a whole car;
4. Use microfiber towel to wipe and polish using circular movements;
5. Thats it!
9h nano ceramic coating


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